Valentines Fun!

McCoy ready for Kindermusik yesterday!

Valentines from Grandma and Grandpa!!

Dairy Queen Gift Cards...yeeessssssss!!! :)

Merritt's classroom Valentines!

I hadn't thought much about what we would do for Valentines this year, then I saw these at the Target Dollar Spot and couldn't resist!! Yall know I'm not a huge Dino fan, but Merritt thinks they are fun and this was literally so easy!! DONE!

Maybe next year I will get super crafty and make cowboy Valentines, 
but this year we took the easy road and it felt so good!! Bahaha!!

Merritt asked to do a Valentine craft, so I pulled these Troll-looking heart kits out of my stash!
They have been really into trolls since we watched the movie, so this was perfect! 
p.s. the movie is super cute!!

I got these on clearance last year and didn't realize you were supposed to get these big plastic hearts to go with them, so I just quickly cut some hearts out of construction paper and made it work!

The Farmer's Valentine! I'm getting a bracelet with the boys names engraved on it, 
but it hasn't arrived yet..stay tuned! :)

My big boy all ready for his Valentines Party at school!

This morning my Valentine date and I went to coffee with some friends!

Stay tuned for more Valentines fun!! :)

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