10 on 10!

10 pics from the 10th of the month!!

Cousin Lydia came over for a bit this morning to do some cooking!

My Daddy brought me some boiled peanuts that my Momma made...Mmmmm!!

When Merr is at school, this little cherub likes to play with (break!!) all of his Legos...ughhh!!

The boy's Valentine Happy from Honey and Whoop!! Have yall noticed that everybody hates Valentines Day! I totally love it!! Always have, even when I was single! Probably because My Momma and Daddy always gave me presents!! Bahaha!! :)

JoJo brought the boys some of these growing bouncy ball things!! 
We are letting them grow and are going to play with them tomorrow!! Fun!

Washing all the living room blankets and pillows! 
Merritt wanted to lay on the couch the whole time he was sick, 
so I figured they needed a little disinfecting!

Merr's class has to bring a special ball to school, 
so he picked this one that he got when he was little, 
at the Aquarium of the Americas in New Orleans!

Just finished up our 2016 Photo Album that literally took me two days of non stop work!! I know, I know, I do it every year and every year I say I am going to update it monthly and I never do! Anywho! Now that it's done, I thought it was about time to start working on McCoy's baby photo album..you know, since he will be three soon!! HAHAHA!!

Per a friends recommendation, I got Merritt's these Hot Dots!! 
We opened it today and he did the whole first book! Score!!

Now we are having a movie night with the new Trolls! Happy Friday!!


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