We had a super fun Saturday over here!

I woke up to this little nut!!

Then the boys played with these bouncy balls...

while I made our traditional Valentines donuts!! Yumm!

They approved! :)

McCoy was helping unload the dishwasher, and I had turned around to put something away when I heard, "And where does this go?!?!" Of course I made him hold it up a bit longer so I could get a pic!! This kid!!

Then The Farmer took me out for supper at the Blue Stem in Minnesota, it is soo good!! This wasn't our Valentines date, by now yall should now that we do a stay home date every year! Movie, Pizza, and Cheesecake! It's my fave, can't wait for Tuesday!! :)

Then, since I wasn't ready to go home yet, I decided we should check out the local Shopko! 
The Farmer was not very impressed! bahaha!

Although when he saw this green sequin fedora, he perked up a bit!! 

We didn't end up with the hat, but I did pick up this adorbs St. Pats sign!! Soo cute!!

We worked on a few projects too, but I will post more about that when they get completed!
Stay tuned! :)


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