Black Hills Stock Show!

The good news is, Merritt got 1st place in the Mutton Bustin! Woohoo!! The bad news is, he got sick shortly after and didn't get to enjoy much more of the weekend!! Boo!! 

We headed out Thursday morning...

My Momma got them these bags awhile back and I finally got them embroidered! So cute!

Honey sent them new Paw Patrol headphones for their Valentines!

They loved them!

I did some more coloring!!

You know we had to stop by Wall Drug on the way!! So much fun!!

ready to cheer on our favorite Mutton Buster!! (separate post on that!!)

Ready to check out the Stock Show!

Had to get pics with our friend's Simmy bulls!! 

The first time we were all at the Stock Show! 

McCoy's first Black Hills Stock Show!!

Petting Zoo fun!!

McCoy fell asleep at lunch and Merritt really went downhill fast at this point,...

All ready for the rodeo! As we were walking out the door Merr started throwing up (he had the night before, but we thought it was just a little bug and he was over it) so The Farmer stayed at the hotel with him...

The rodeo was so good, and McCoy loved every minute (until he fell asleep during the bull riding), but it was hard to enjoy it knowing Merritt was missing out and had so been looking forward to it!! 

When we got back, Merritt was not good and you could tell after not eating or drinking much for a day and a half, along with gastrointestinal issues and throwing up, he had become really dehydrated. We called the local ER and explained what was going on and they said to bring him in, so we did. After throwing up again once we got there, they got him on IV fluids and zofran, to hopefully get him back to normal! 
Hospital robe and boots..that's our little bukaroo!

The next morning, instead of checking out Mount Rushmore and The Crazy Horse Memorial, like we had planned, we headed home once the Simmental Show was over (armed with a prescription of zofran, thank goodness!!) Merritt had a rough trip back but we finally made it and after another bad day yesterday, he is FINALLY starting to perk up today!! Bless his little heart, he is starting to realize everything he missed and my fam had to head back to Mississippi this morning, so he is a pretty sad boy. 

He was so weak last night, but insisted on building (watching) Legos with Pauggie! 

So glad he is starting to feel better!! I can't believe he held on to that sheep while he was already starting to feel bad! It is the worst when your babies are sick, but even worse when something they have been excited about for months gets ruined!! Good thing we have a trip to Lego Land in Kansas City already planned!!! 

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