Lego Table!

The shelves we put up were working great at keeping all his creations off my dining table and out of McCoy's hands, but the problem was Merritt wasn't really getting to play with them either!! I decided it was time for a Lego table!

I had some old plastic drawers that were in my closet (before I re-did it into my makeup vanity) They were left over from when I lived in Montana but I decided to save them just for this project! The Farmer got the wood and I painted the drawers Merritt's!! Then the Farmer and his helpers attached the top and it was done! So fun! 

It ended up costing around $10, so I wont feel bad when I bite the bullet and get them the Ikea storage system I have been drooling over!! But that will have to wait until McCoy is at least four, so this will hopefully do the job until then!! 

I plan to fill the drawers with color coordinating Legos at some point, but I am waiting for now since McCoy is still in the dump-everything-out-on-the playroom-floor phase! Plus we don't have a ton of loose Legos yet, most are sets that he has already built and are on the shelves!

We put up another shelf above the desk (I think we will put two more shelves in!) He still has some Legos and storage boxes on the other wall of shelves, but I'm hoping to get most of it moved over to this corner and I will use the other shelves for books or our ever growing collection of board games!! 

He absolutely loves it and played there until we drug him to bed last night!! :)

I already had the stool, got them at Ikea a few years ago and it works perfectly!
And just in case you are curious these are the Ikea systems (Trofast) I'm loving:


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