Lego Minifigure Display!

Lego Minifigure Display

As yall know, we have been collecting Lego Minifigures for awhile! We had been keeping them in this cute little green Lego box, but Merritt wanted to be able to see them, so I did some searching! I thought about getting another vintage printers drawer to display them (and I still might!), but this was my favorite idea, and the cheapest, so we went with it!! 

I got some green base plates from Amazon and ordered small 2x4 plates from Bricklink for 2 cents each! 

Turns out that the 2x4's perfectly wedge in the green base plate, so you don't even need glue! 
Now if he gets sick of this display, he can use the base plates for building!

This was so easy! No measuring, no gluing, no brainier!! My kind of project!

I just used command strips to mount them, so we can easily move them around when we add more shelves!

I think it turned out so cute, and if he stands on his stool he can easily take down any that he wants to play with!! I will also get another base plate up in the middle of these, as soon as they collect some more Minifigs to display!


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