2 Things!

A. Try this recipe!!
You will love it!! I whipped it up this afternoon since the farmer kept asking what I was gonna do with those club crackers (I'm wondering if he has has secret obsession with club crackers that I am in the dark about?!?) I didn't take any pics of mine because, to be quite honest, I can not bare edit another picture...I am on strike, at least until later tonight when I have to edit two more photo shoots...did I mention I am booked until next year?!?! Well, I am! Of course 4 of those weeks, I will be on vacay or doing work stuff, so I guess I'm not technically booked everyday...but it is fun saying "I'm booked until next year!!"

B. My World Wide Best Friend Forever has started a blog!!!
I'm sure you all remember Lacie...you know, the red head that got married this summer in Arkansas. Let me refresh your memory with a few posts.....








I like to think I got it all started by letting her be a Guest Food Blogger...haha!!

Anyway...she has the CUTEST blog called
My Delicious Mess!!!

Head on over and give her some blog love :) You can bet that it will have lots of supper yummy recipes, great pictures, and fun words you may have never heard! She is a self proclaimed word nerd and grammar nazi...I have to confess, I get the mature/intelligent sounding part of my vocabulary from her!

You know all my posts HAVE to include a photo, so I decided to pull one from the vault!! This is Lacie and I at a formal in college, good thing we had each other because our dates left much to be desired...ha! This could possibly be one of my most favorite pics of us..mainly because I (we) looked smokin..actually, I'm pretty sure Lacie hates this pic, but it's my blog and I'll post what I want!!! HA!


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  1. I tried leaving her comment but the comment section is a little messed up.. but she has an adorable site!