Yesterday and Today!

Merr had such a fun time at the Pumpkin Patch! 
All the kids got to pick out a pumpkin and this is the one he chose! :) 

We got out our Crayola Dough yesterday. I just love this stuff! Way better than Playdoh in my opinion!
It doesn't make as big of a mess and feels more foamy!

Then we did a little Halloween craft!

The only spiders I want in my house!

As predicted, he loved his new lego jammies!!

We have been on a Berenstain Bears kick lately and I LOVE it!!
They are my all time fave and the boys love them too! 

Today, during our daily playtime with Topper, McCoy wanted him to take a picture with Jakey!

Success, sort of! hehe!

Then, since I haven't been able to get my mind off that little turquoise 
truck that I passed up at Micheal's...I made this one!! Soo cute!!


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