Crayola Experience!

When we decided to go the the fair for the weekend, I knew we had to do the Crayola Experience too! We headed there (It's in the Mall Of America!) Sunday morning before we came back home and had the BEST time!! It is SOOO fun!

First up was making personal labels for their crayons! 
You could choose between lots of different colors!

putting the labels on!

Next was this photo taking color sheet station! Can you spy Merritt's face on the sheet?!?!
They made lots of these!

Glow in the dark dry erase boards!

Whatever moves you did, the crayons on the wall copied you!

Molding dough time!! You get two tokens with your tickets and they can be used for the crayon labeling or this "play doh" machine! More tokens can be purchased for 50 cents. They loved it so much we got a pack of each color to take home!

coloring pictures that get projected on a big screen once you are finished!

McCoy's Blue Tiger!

Merritt's multi color monkey!

Melted crayon painting! There are little pots of all different crayons melted for you to paint with!

make your own puzzle station!

Next they made adventure backpacks! They painted the sheets with water colors, then sent them through an "oven" to dry, and finally cut out the pieces and glued them to make the bags!

Rockin' Paper station! They made little birds that danced to music! McCoy loved this!!

play area!!

Ready to watch the movie and see how crayons are made in a live demo!!

more play area!

can you see us??

coloring/designing cars that get projected on a big screen!

Color Magic! Merritt colored this dragon and it came to life on screen!

Crayola Spin Art with melted crayons! They both loved this...and I did too!! :) 

Molding crayons!

This was seriously soo amazing! If you are in Minneapolis it is a must do!! 

Of course we had to make a quick stop at the Lego store!! 
I didn't get any pics, but they had so many huge sculptures! So fun!

I was a little apprehensive going into this weekend, since The Farmer was busy for most of it and I was going to have to do alot on my own, but I'm happy to report the meltdowns were minimal and the memories were plenty!! So glad we went for it and can't wait for next year!!


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