Yesterday Merritt started Lego Club at the Library! 

He had so much fun!! 

Merr got to go Chop with The Farmer after Lego Club!

It looks like McCoy was upset, but the sun was just in his eyes!!
He had his turn earlier, and was ready to go home to play with Topper the Cat!

Farming Buddy!

Got my fall decor up!

Excited for these to bloom...even if they are going to be white! 
That's all they had left!

But this yellow one is gorgeous! I just LOVE Mums!!!

Topper boy loves his home in Jake's barn!

For some reason these pj bottoms did not have a top, 
so I got a plain orange shirt and put a Halloween Lego man on it!!! 
Merritt is going to LOVE it!!
He had a field trip to the Pumpkin Patch today, so we are anxiously awaiting him to get home, so we can hear all about it! 
Or at least hear whatever he decides to tell us!! haha!


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