Whats Up Wednesday!!

What we are eating this week? Unsloppy Joes, Frito Taco Pie, Baked Ravioli, Biscuits and Gravy Egg Bake, and Chicken Alfredo Pasta (click names for recipes!)

What we've been up to? Zoo, swimming lessons, Preschool, Kindermusik, Story Time, playing outside, party prep and embroidering anything that doesn't walk! ha!

What I'm reminiscing about? The nice spring weather!!! Where did it go?!?! Looks like nothing but rain and a grumpy farmer here until next week! BLAH!!!
This was my view while cooking supper on Friday night...be still my heart!! 
My view this morning is considerably more gray, wet, and dreary! :(

What I'm loving? 
-Genius Chopper: My Momma gave me this for Christmas a few years ago and it is one of my all time favorite things! It makes chopping/dicing SOO easy! Love it! She got it on QVC, but I think they have a different model now, I'm sure it's just as good though!!

-Frozen Bread Dough: Has this stuff been around forever and I am just now discovering it?!? Either way, I am obsessed! It is so easy and super delicious!! You just put the frozen dough in a loaf pan in the morning and by supper time it has fully risen and is ready for the oven! The smell of it baking alone is amazing! It costs less than a can of crescent rolls and is a million times yummier!! And if that wasn't enough, my boys are huge fans too!! I get the Hyvee brand, but I would assume every grocery store has it! A must try!!

-Purse Organizer: I got the cutest pink and green tote (and embroidered my monogram on it!) for traveling this summer. I started putting some things in it and realized it's basically a bottomless pit!! I really love it though, so I decided to get a purse organizer to make it more functional! I found this fab hot pink one on Amazon. They have them in tons of cute colors, just search for "purse organizers." I made my sissy, niece, and momma a tote for the summer as well and totally talked my sissy into getting an organizer too! hehe! Soo handy!! Wouldn't these make neat teacher gifts filled with fun/useful things...hmmm...stay tuned!! :)

-Burts Bees BB Cream: I got a sample of this BB cream in a Walmart Beauty Box ($5 for a box of fun samples-they only do it four times a year) I am in love! I have never tried a BB cream, so I don't have anything to compare it to, but it is so great! Feels like a lotion, but gives you just enough coverage, and it has SPF! Great for everyday, to feel put together without a full face of makeup! Score! :)

-Zicam: This stuff is my new best friend! Both the boys and The Farmer got sick AGAIN with colds this past week and I used these swabs every five hours! I have yet to get catch it..knock on wood!! Finally my immune system has decided to join us!! Not sure if it was a combination of things or I just got lucky, but for now, I am a believer!! :)

What I'm Dreading? One of the things I'm excited about is also the thing I'm dreading! ha! I'm SOO excited to go home to Mississippi but I am totally dreading the heat!! Blah! Yall, it is SO hot in the south and I just can't handle it anymore! Hard to believe I lived there 23 years! :)

What I'm excited about? McCoy's second birthday party! Yall, I love to plan a party and with a theme like Wizard of Oz, I am having tons of fun!! Lots of emerald green, yellow brick roads, blue gingham, and rainbows! I'm also putting together a little Land of Oz scavenger hunt for the kiddos..hopefully we will have nice weather!! :)

What I'm watching/reading? Mr. Selfridge, House of Cards, and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (recently found this on Netflix..soo funny!!)

What I'm listening to? George Strait's newest album, along with more of the Wicked and Dirty Dancing soundtracks!

What I'm Wearing?
I got this cute turquoise cross shirt on Zulily and the fun coral one at Target! The Farmer got me the "small town girl necklace" while we were on our mini getaway..I LOVE it!! It goes with anything and it just makes me smile :)

What I'm Doing this weekend? On Friday, I'm meeting one of my besties from South Dakota (Tracey!) for a girls day and I can not wait!! It is long over due!! Every year we like to meet up for this big rummage sale and do some other shopping too! Can't wait!! 

What I'm looking forward to next month? Beach Trip!!
My Daddy and my niece are coming to get us, then we are headed to Mississippi! Our first week there, we are going to the beach and we can't wait!! We don't really have anything planned.. just beach sitting, seafood eating, relaxing, laughing, and having fun! Sounds glorious! 

What else is new? We got baby lambs! (Butch and Sunny) They are so cute and the boys are loving them! The only other new thing is that I am going to be our MOPS Discussion Group Coordinator next year, so that is exciting! Other than that, it's business as usual over here! :)



  1. So here's a fun tip - use the frozen bread dough to make monkey bread! Let it thaw, then cut into pieces, roll into cinnamon sugar, put in your bundt pan, top with butter and cinnamon sugar and you have heaven for breakfast also!

    1. Sounds fabulous!! Will have to try it! :)