Busy Week!

We have had a very busy week around here...Preschool, Kindermusik, Swimming Lessons, two lunches at Pizza Ranch, Story Time (and we made an extra trip to the library this week to pick out a prize Merritt won for National Library week! He got a Melissa and Doug pool diving set! Very cute!), Picnic at the Park, Wizard of Oz Party Prep, and Horse Show Prep for August Ann!!

Merritt loves to wear his "Daddy's Team" shirt to preschool!

Loving these tulips by my front door!!

His last swimming lesson and he passed...woohoo on to the next level!!

He had such a great time, he didn't want it to be his last lesson!

They got to have some play time after their lesson!

Can't wait for the next level! He is such a little fish!

Picnic time at the park with our MOPS friends!!

Park fun!

Over the Rainbow!! Can't believe my baby is turning 2!!

Working on stuff for August Ann's horse show!! Soo excited!

We finished up Story Time at the library today too, and Sunday School will be done for the summer this week as well! I was telling Merritt how we were going to be finished with all our activities soon and he said, "yeah because it's gonna be summer and that means time to go to Whoops!!" 

We better start a countdown!! He is super excited to go to the beach, and so is McCoy! They are also looking forward to going to "Rex's (their cousin) Aquarium and Zoo" in New Orleans, and Mommy is excited to go to Wicked!! :) Can't wait for traveling, sleeping late (if one of my babes will cooperate-I'm looking at you McCoy!!), lazy days, and summer nights! Can't come soon enough!


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