This and That!

Hooray! Our antibiotics have starting kicking in and we are back to the land of the living...I will be taking airborne like candy and have Zi-Cam on hand...if I sneeze from a dust bunny, I will be taking it!! This Momma WILL NOT get sick again!!! ROOAAARRR!!! ;)

Ok, ok, on to some pics from my phone!!

I found this cute pirate bucket on the Easter Clearance at Walmart...perfect to corral all our Imaginext Pirate stuff! Fun!

McCoy has been loving this paint/color file folder game!

And Merr has been loving this watermelon counting one! 
When I made this for him last summer, I remember thinking...
he is never going to be able to count these seeds AND recognize the numbers! 

Well, he sure can, and does a great job!! Shows how much Mommy knows! ha! :)

Cowboy Coy!

"Tick um up!!!"

Our little crop dusters!! :)

After trying lots of different things, our little crib jumper is finally sleeping much better!! 
We took the mattress off the frame and leave the door open now...that did the trick, at least for now!!

And this kid always keeps us laughing!! :)


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