This morning my 4-H club cleaned the ditches of the highway, that we sponsor, for our community service project. I made my group take selfies, because that's what a good leader does! hehe :)

The boys spent the morning with Grandma and she must have worn them out, because they BOTH took naps!! WOOHOO! Merritt doesn't nap anymore, but he fell asleep in his chair and slept longer than McCoy! It was glorious! They haven't slept at the same time in so long, what a nice Saturday afternoon treat! hehe :)

When they woke up, we headed outside to do our chores (feed the pony and lambs) and play for a bit!

We had been out for awhile, and I wanted to get them back in, so I could get some things done around the house.
It was time to pull out the big guns...a prize!! ha!

They HATE coming back in the house! It's great that they love being outdoors, but it's not so great when I have to wrangle them back in by myself (The Farmer has started doing field work, in preparations for planting, so he will be pretty busy the next couple of weeks!) One mention of a special surprise and both boys scooted right on inside! Score one for Super Mom! {please note sarcasm! ha!} 

I found this fun race track tape in the Target Dollar Spot and have been waiting for the perfect time to pull it out! Usually a bubble bath will lure them in, but let's be honest, I really wanted to try it out too! ;)

We all loved it and the boys had tons of fun screaming "I win!!"

Probably shouldn't have used this little trick so early in the planting process, but thankfully I have one more roll in the stash!! :)

Happy Saturday!

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