This and That!

Just thought I'd dump some phone pics here!! hehe :)

Merritt started spring story time at the library a few weeks ago...
he never wants to go in when we get there, but always says he loves it when I pick him up!

They get to check out books at the end..he loves to get library books!!

Such a big boy!!

My two little mop heads finally got hair cuts last week! I will never get over how quiet/still they sit for hair cuts..amazes me!

He thinks he's big stuff! :)

Yesterday was GORGEOUS!! 

They decided to catch some butterflies!

and ride their tractors!!

My MOPS secret sister is so fabulous, yall!! I mean how gorgeous are these flowers she got me today!! 
And they match perfectly in my house!! LOVE :)

We had swimming lessons again tonight...Merritt is really loving it!! 
They had to "dive" for rings this time, so fun :)


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