Sorry I haven't been posting, but there is nothing to report....
this has been our life...

 Yes, we are sick AGAIN!! And after a doctor visit today, we added three more bottles to our little home pharmacy. OVER IT!!!

McCoy has another ear infection accompanied by a bad cough, Merritt just had a bad cough and is hopefully on the mend (no antibiotics for him!! At least there is one thing to be excited about!), and I have a cold/cough pretty similar to what I have had on/off since January! 

I got put on yet another round of antibiotics and steroids, so hopefully will be back to healthy (and getting some sleep!) soon. I have never been sick this long my entire life..I have had ENOUGH!!! I used to have the most amazing immune system, it is now non existent! The doc thinks it's because Merritt is in preschool now and bringing home every little germ...summer can't come soon enough!!!

Sorry to be such a complainer, just wanted to let yall know we hadn't fallen off the face of the earth..yet ;)


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