Snow Fun!!

Yall, we played outside this morning and it was GLORIOUS!! I am not a cold weather person, but being cooped up in this house was really starting to get to me! It warmed up a bit today, so we suited up and played for almost two hours! That must be a January record for me! ha! 

We pulled out all of our new snow play stuff and had a ball!! I found all this at Dirt Cheap in was 90% off the sticker price! I had my pick of whatever I wanted...they obviously don't get much (if any) snow down south, so there was TONS of things to choose from! So fun! The one time I felt lucky to live in a place where it snows! Ha!!

The brick molds and the markers were our fave! I scored a few refill packs for the markers too, so we will have plenty for more snow painting!! I'm thinking food coloring would work as well!!

"Look Mom, no hands!!" hehe :)


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