Long time...

no post! Sorry, but my life has been busy and boring all at the same time! I have been prepping for Merritt's party tomorrow, still trying to unpack (don't judge!), doing some more freelance graphic design work, 4-H meeting (we did a sewing project- "sew" fun), and finishing up our 2015 photo album!

The album has been the most time consuming, I have been doing them through Shutterfly for three years, and every year I tell myself I am going to do it a month at a time, so I am not trying to do the whole thing in January...and every year I am doing it all at once in January! Ahh!! This year has been even worse, since I got the whole thing finished and in my cart to buy it and somehow lost 20 pages...20 pages!!! That's like 5 hours of work!!! UGHHH!! Yall, should have seen the meltdown..it was epic!!

I tried to see if they could recover it, but of course they were not able to...they did, however, give me credit so the book would be free...not bad, but at that point I would have paid double not to have to do it all over again!! BLAH!!

Anyway, happy to report I just got it all finished and it will be arriving at our door step next week, the very same week I should start our 2016 album's month of January, but we all know that is not going to happen! ha!

Now I have to get to work on McCoy's baby book (yes, I know he will be 2 in a few months!)...I use my graphic design program for this and it will take me while to get it all done, but at least I am finished with the 2015 album!! One thing at a time!

Today, I also took the railing off Merritt's bed..he was SOO excited and wanted to just lay in his bed! It's a small change but his room looks so different now! I need to get him a cute night stand and lamp to finish off the area! He is such a big boy!

His Iowa party is tomorrow and of course he picked Lone Ranger for the theme....I found a Hallmark Christmas ornament of Lone Ranger to put on the cake, then found a Lone Ranger centerpiece on Ebay from a party set circa 1980!! I love you Ebay and people that save things for 36 years! 

Will share all the party details with you tomorrow! :)


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