Construction Site Birthday!

We celebrated our big four year old, with a fun (pretty quickly thrown together) construction party! We knew we were going to get a cookie cake from Sams, because the whole family loves them (they are SUPER yummy, huge, and only $18), but he wouldn't decide what he wanted on it! 

Finally on the morning my Sissy and I were going to order it, he said he wanted a construction site! Done! 

Then I found the cutest dump truck birthday shirt (that he now refuses to take off) on clearance the same day and knew it was meant to be! :)

I found some cute plates, napkins, and hard hats at Hobby Lobby, my Momma got the super fun balloons and our little party was complete! 

He loved every second and was most excited about his red scooter!! He had asked Santa for one, but had to wait so long to get it!! hehe!! 

Yall...he was soo excited about his CCAAAKKEEE!!!

 He got the Trucky 3 game, a tooth fairy cow, kinetic sand, train puzzles, a pogo jumper, Tangoes, more kinetic sand, and the scooter!

He also got the coolest mutton buster from Whoop! Soo fun!

We ended the day with some fabulous fireworks (pics on my phone-will share later!)

Happy birthday little man! We love you to the moon and back and can't imagine life without you! :)


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