Merritt Wylie Moss - Four Years Old!!

Well we made it four years!! Four whole seems so odd to say that he is four!! That seems so old!! It really does go so fast!

Our Merritt is a little fireball of fun...sweet and kind (when he wants to be!), tough and independent (most of the time), crazy and silly (always!) 

He is still our little cowboy (his Iowa party theme is Lone Ranger! Stay Tuned!) he is very excited to show Jake this summer and is even more excited to ride in the Mutton Bustin at the Black Hills Stock Show in February!! He loves all things "wild west" and rodeo and can usually be found trying to rope/tie up something...more often that not that something is his little brother!

His western obsession is still matched by his love of trains! He has gone on quite a few train rides now and thinks he is the train expert! 

Of course all things farming and tractors is still very high on his list of loves! He really likes doing anything outside with The Farmer, then coming inside to reenact what they did....for some reason he is always doing alot of fixing things!! hehe!! This provides lots of fun with his tools!

He is getting into dinosaurs and pirates too!

He is obsessed with his Kinetic Sand and is probably his most played with "toy!" He puts loaders, tractors, diggers, dump trucks, name it he puts it in the sand!!

He still likes to help me cook and bake...mostly taste testing, but is getting really good at measuring and mixing!!

He really enjoys Preschool and hasn't once said he didn't want to go! They have so much fun! He also loves Sunday School and is usually full of information during the children's sermon at Church!

I do not have his official stats yet, but will update after his four year check up at the end of the month! Edited to add: he weighed 39 pounds and was 3ft/4inches at his four year appointment!

He wears size 4T/4 in clothes and has been pull-up free for about 6 months! He still naps most days from 1:00 to 4:00, but if he doesn't, we have rest time and watch a movie on the couch!

His favorite book remains Little Blue Truck! More faves are; The Day The Crayons Left, The Day The Crayons Came Home, Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site, Dragons Love Tacos, any Berenstain Bear books, and anything about farming or trains!!

His favorite shows are Team Umi Zoomi, Blaze and The Monster Machines, Bubble Guppies, Blues Clues, and Alvin and The Chipmunks. He also really likes to watch "silly shows" with The Farmer...this is what he calls Americas Funniest Videos! His favorite movies are Despicable Me, Monsters Inc./University, Polar Express, Wreck It Ralph, Wizard of Oz, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, and Inside Out! 

He still has tons of fun coloring, painting, playing with play-doh, and crafting and I still have tons of fun doing this with him! His favorite color is currently red!

He also loves to play games! His faves are Memory, Candy Land, Break The Ice, and the Fishing Game (with the little fish and poles)! He got lots of new puzzles for Christmas, so hoping to really get into those soon too!

Lego Juniors are another new found fave! We haven't done much building yet, but I'm sure he will be a pro after this cold winter!! :)

His favorite foods include, pizza, hot dogs, corn dogs, ketchup, nuggets, cheese, any fruit, biscuits, cereal, granola bars, and pancakes!! He still only drinks milk and ice water, unless we are out and about then only "mommy pop" will do...that's Sprite for those of you not in the know! ha! He also enjoys getting those Mondo koolaid drinks every now and then! His favorite candy is bubble gum, Pezz, anything chocolate, suckers, and fancy Lindt truffles! :)

He can count to twenty (but needs prompting), he can write "M," say the letters in his name, he can also recognize his name when he sees it written, and loves to sing the Alphabet (he can recognize a few letters too!) He knows his colors, all his shapes, and loves matching! He knows he lives in Hull, Iowa (he also knows that Whoop lives in Mississippi, Rex lives in New Orleans, Louisiana, and that we have to go through Missouri and Arkansas to get to Whoop's house!)  

Merritt Wylie, you bring so much joy to our lives and we love you more and more everyday! Thanks for keeping it interesting and keeping us laughing! We love you little boy!! :)


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