I'm baaacckk!!

We made it back home last night and I have been a trying to get the house back in order ever since!! I took down all of my Christmas, the boys were sad, but it was time! I got all of the new toys organized and got my clearance deals stashed away for next year! I have lots of organizing left to do, but for now, I'm feeling pretty accomplished!! I thought I would pop on here and share all of the pics that I have taken with my phone the past few weeks! Warning: tons of pics :)

Thanks for this very fun alphabet puzzle Grandma Meer! He loves it!

our little Dutch babies!

how adorable are these slippers?!?!

heading to Mississippi!! "I wear my sunglasses at night!"

McCoy watching "Wizza" four the millionth time! He is obsessed with the Wizard of Oz!

Lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings!

Finally made it!! Hugs for Whoop!

All the grands LOVE these sandboxes!

Putting out hay for the reindeer! It was 85 degrees!!

Christmas morning at Honey and Whoops!

We went over to my Sissy's for lunch on Christmas! McCoy loved the cats, Merr loved building legos with Pauggie, and we loved the food! Thanks again JayJay, it was amazing!!

Mustache babes!

Pauggie helping Merr build some of the Lego Juniors he got for Christmas!

My Poo was moved to Alabama (near my Aunt), so we took a road trip to see her! 
She was so excited!

Merritt's Birthday bonfire!!

My little planner! I brought my planner and some supplies along, so I could decorate the next few months and because I knew she would love to help me! I was right, she loved it so much, she had to get a planner of her own! So fun!! :)

Merritt's Birthday fireworks!

popped out the lenses of some old glasses so McCoy could have his own! Silly!

We had such a fun visit with Uncle Den and Aunt Betty!

The boys just wanted to play under Honey's table!

My brother and his boys came on New Years Day and we shot more fireworks!

Me and my birthday buddy, Maddox!

My Sissy and Me!

We decided to let the boys play Candy Land!

So fun!

A fun restaurant on the way back to Iowa!

Morning swim at the hotel before The Farmer came to pick us up!

This child loves to swim... McCoy, not so much!

He thought he could sneak back to Mississippi in the back of Whoop's truck!

We had such a fun time with my fam, so glad we were able to go and spend 10 days! 
Miss them already!! :)


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