My Valentine!

I made him these jammies..and am embarrassed to tell yall, I spelled his name wrong!! I had to re-hoop and add another "t" so they are kind of messed up, but he didn't mind!! 
his night time diaper makes his bootie look so big ;)

He loved his shirt!!!

I'm not sure why penguins are in the Valentines book, but he thinks they are fun :)

He would not look at me!!

He is actually smiling at Shark Tale, I got him ready this morning and put Shark Tale on , so I could go get ready! 
He is obsessed with this movie!! I have tried lots of other different ones (because I get sick of Shark Tale), but this one along with the Cat In the Hat Christmas Special and Yo Gabba Gabba are the only ones that he will watch all the way through...well, he always plays while watching..but he wont come looking for me while I'm trying to get ready/use the bathroom ALONE if I put these on the TV!! I got him The Reef in his Valentines happy, we watched it yesterday and he really liked it too...I can't wait to take him to an aquarium!!

The Farmer got me a pedicure/a night off and new sunglasses, that I picked out! :) Merritt and I went to MOPS this morning and I got my hair done for Spa day. Merritt did great in the one year old room, and went straight to the rocking horse as soon as he walked in!

We are having steak tonight to celebrate Heart Day...hope yours is great :)


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