Merritt's Second Valentines Day!!

Well I waited until the day before! Aren't you proud!!?? I whipped up this shirt last night to go in his basket and wanted him to wear it on V-day, so I just had to give him his surprise today!!

Did yall know I love a themed basket...of course you did! hehe :)

results are in: as usual his favorite thing is the frog/heart straw sippy cup that cost 99 cents..typical!!!

LOTS of book! I love to get them on sale after the holidays are over, I rarely pay over $5 for a book! There are so many great places around here to get super cheap/cute books!! I enjoy hoarding them and he LOVES reading them :) Is it crazy that I have had most of these books for a year and already have some for next year!! ha!

lots of goodies!

this little cow moos and poops candy...amazing!

Did I tell yall how much we are addicted to The Cat in The Hat Christmas Special?? Well speaking from someone who has watched it so many times I can recite it word for word (and sing the songs), I am very happy to have another episode to watch!!

We love Little People..duh! But have you seen the books?? We have the Farm one, the Noah's Ark one, the Christmas one, the Halloween one and now the Valentines one! They are SUPER cute...maybe the Easter Bunny will bring the Easter one?!?!?!  :)  PLEASE, ha, refer to the paragraph above about know I already have it!! Packed away and waiting to go in his Easter basket! hahaha!!  You just can't trust the bunny to remember everything!

These Peek a Blocks are fabulous!! I dont think they make this version anymore, but I happened upon them on a crazy good sale while I was in MS, so fun!! I got another set too, but you will just have to wait and see what they are!! I also found him a Crayola 2 in 1 Doodle Board on clearance at Walmart...its kinda like finger painting without the mess!

I have MOPS tomorrow morning, it's Spa day, so fun! Merritt will go to the bigger kids 1 year old room for Moppett's so lets hope he likes it!! Have a Very Happy Valentines Day! 

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