So... I should preface this post by saying, I am recently obsessed with all things Disney!! My Sissy and I have decided we are taking Merritt to Disney World in the fall of 2015 (and making my Momma and Daddy go too!)...just around the corner, haha!!! She and her fam have been lots of times, one afternoon we got to talking about it and now I am dying to go!! :)  It is amazingly I've heard!! Anyway, I'm assuming he is going to love Toy Story (last time they were at Disney they got him a talking Woody!!) and Cars, so when I saw these cute little Wheelie Cars-cars, I just had to have them! He loved smashing them together, but I thought he needed a track! I found a pattern I could use with my embroidery machine and got to work during his nap time! It only took me 4 hours...the instructions said 45 minutes...ha! I think it turned out super cute, I didn't stitch down the middle of the garage because it was for matchbox size cars and these are much fatter than those!

loved this fabric I used for the back!

all tied up and even has a little handle to carry it...poor Mater didn't fit :(

Aren't you impressed we have a non cowboy/farm toy?!?! I am!! :)


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