Tonight we had breakfast for supper, I made heart shaped pancakes...they were supper yummy, so I'm told! I am currently trying to eat low-carb, so I just had breakfast casserole instead :)

They were actually hot pink...and Merritt loved them!

We went to Sioux Falls on Saturday afternoon, so I could get this....
amazing right?!?! Here comes super cute Easter and Summer appliques! Can't wait!

We are still obsessed with mostly Toy Story, thanks to Honey and Aunt JayJay we have all three movies!!!
He carried this bag around for 20 minutes, then finally let me open it!

I need help Mommy!!

Have you seen these adorable Squeaker Cowboy Boots?!?!
Well I got him the light brown ones, thinking we would be able to get them on his feet/calves (we've been having boot issues for a while) Well these fit great, but I'm not sure if he will wear them?!?! Check out the video..hehe  :)

I'm told you can take the squeaker out..stay tuned!

Still haven't given him his Valentines "happy"  ...not sure how much longer I can wait though?!?!?

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