We haven't been up to a to much lately, but I feel like we have been so busy!!

On Monday, I finally started feeling better and I tried to win a facebook contest for free appliques to make Merritt more shirts (using one of his pictures), I got 4th place and she only awarded the top 3. Devastating, especially considering I hacked my Momma's facebook to share the photo so her friends would "like" it (it's not like she knows how to "share" on facebook anyway HAHAH!) and made my Sissy and Cade-o share with all their friends too!! Obsessed much? Yes I am!! :)  We also went to Kindermusik, after Merritt only had a 45 min nap at daycare, I was not looking forward to the meltdown that I was positive would occur, but for the most part he did pretty good! During play time at the beginning of the class, he did decide he would rather play the drums, so he left the play area with all the other kids, walked over to where the drums are stored, picked the biggest one out, and toddled it over to the play area and just started drumming away....umm hello Merritt, it's not time for the drums yet!!!  You can probably guess what went down when drum time actually rolled around, then ended!! Tragic!! Anyway, that was Monday....

On Tuesday, I worked, worked, worked and Merritt went to daycare...pretty normal day..

Today The Farmer had to go to the Capitol to meet with the Governor and the Sec. of Agriculture, representing young cattlemen, to discuss the beginning farmer program, along with 6 other chosen throughout the state. So since the "cat" was away, the "mice" played!! Merritt and I had a picnic in the living room for breakfast and lunch, played a ton, and watched a little Shark Tale. When the Farmer got home tonight, Merritt got more fun playing time...check out the video for his latest "trick," he pants like a dog anytime you ask him "What's Dashie do??"  He is such a funny little guy!!

We have also been working on learning/sorting his shapes...sometimes he does really good and others he could care less or get frustrated and throw them in the air when they dont fit! Check out the video for one of those, not so successful times!! :)

Tomorrow, I have a photoshoot and 4-H. Friday, I have to get to packing/organizing for Branson (we leave early Thursday morning !!) then Saturday I have another photoshoot! Next week will be busy running around, but I am soo excited to see my family and for them to see all the fun new things Merritt is getting into!! :)


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