I is for...

Ice Cream! What else?!? hehe! I saw this idea and thought it would be fun! Merr loved it! You just mix glue and shaving cream together, then add the food coloring of your choice! I grabbed all the supplies from the Dollar Tree, no reason to spend big bucks for craft projects!! :)

Now he is watching Inspector Gadget! I have a big bucket filled with colored water and sea creatures freezing in the freezer! We will play with/melt it outside on Sunday when I am back home...I for Ice! 

H is for...

House! We made little houses out of some foam shapes I cut out! Very fun! This is pretty much all we did with H since we had a playdate with friends at the splash pad (we did have Hot Dogs in our picnic!), then I dropped the boys of at Grandmas, so the Farmer and I could go on our date! They did watch the Home dvd though! 


Cheers to Six Years!!

Last night we went on our anniversary date to Strawbale Winery! I just love it there!! We had the best time! We went a couple times last summer and did the twilight helicopter flight there this past Christmas! 

Our actual anniversary is tomorrow on the 1st, but I am leaving this afternoon for a little shopping trip with my mom-in-law and sis-in-laws! 

It worked out perfectly since the winery does their summer porch series on Thursday nights anyway! They have yummy food vendors and live music! 

I got a glass of the cranberry wine to go with supper (pizza!!)! We did the wine tasting last year, so we didn't do it again, I know this is the only one I like!! hehe!

love birds!

Mmmm yummy Pizza!! 

For dessert (since they din;t have the yummy blondies/brownies this time, boo!!) we got berry wine slushies...very good, but not as good as that key lime blondie I got last year!! haha!!

Can't believe it has been six years!! Here's to many, many more!!  Love you Farmer!! And thank for my anniversary gift of shopping money!! He knows the way to my heart! ha! :)


What's Up Wednesday!

What we are eating this week? 
Anything I can think of to use our amazing tomatoes!
Pizza with Caesar Salad Pasta
Cream Chicken Buns and Scalloped Potatoes
Sloppy Joes
Crockpot Beef Stroganoff
Pulled Pork sandwiches
Pulled Pork Nachos
Hamburgers and Cheesy Fries Packet..yummo!

What I'm reminiscing about this week? Our anniversary date last year! We went to the Strawbale Winery and had the BEST time! Loved it so much we are going back there tomorrow to celebrate our six year anniversary!! :)

What I am loving? My new bedding!! Post all about it here

What we've been up to? Learning our ABCs!! Every morning when McCoy goes down for his nap, Merritt and I hook up his letter of the day on the alphabet train, then do a fun craft that begins with the letter! Along with that we watch a movie/cartoon, eat snacks, and read books that correspond with the letter of the day! Not sure if he is really learning the alphabet, but at least he is being "exposed!!"

What I'm working on? Now that the basement is all clean (post here!) I am working on organizing all my crafting supplies! Saw this idea on Pinterest and it really works great! love being able to see all my ribbon!

What I'm excited about? My new dish washer!! It's so shiny and new! I guess you know you are not a kid anymore when dish washers make you happy!

What I'm dreading? Washing dishes!! HAHA! Even though I am super excited for my new appliance, it doesn't change the fact that I LOATHE washing dishes! Are you with me?!?!

What I'm watching/reading? Deadwood! The Farmer and I are binge watching it every night after the kiddos are in bed! We have already watched the complete series and have it all on DVD, but it recently popped up on Amazon Prime and we couldn't resist watching it again! Wish it wouldn't have been cancelled! It's easily one of my favorite series!!

What I'm listening to? Pandora as always...lately either Cross Canadian Ragweed or Disney Radio!! :)

What I'm wearing? Back to yoga pants and t-shirts..Momma doesn't have time to wear real clothes!! :)

What I'm doing this weekend? Shopping trip!! I am going with my mom-in-law, and two sis-in laws on a little shopping getaway! Ikea and the outlets are on the top of the list! Can't wait! Stay tuned for my haul! :)

What I'm looking forward to next month? Going to Mississippi!! Yes, we were just there, but we are going back to see my nephew play football! Go Cade! We usually go a little later in September, but this year we are going the last week of August so we can be back in time for the start of Preschool, Sunday School, Kindermusik, and MOPS!! Busy Fall ahead!! :)

What else is new? Hmmm what's new?!?! Nothing really...just enjoying our last few weeks of flip flops, splash pads, pools, popsicles, grilling, and the slowness of summer!! :) Love an empty calendar!

Bonus Question: What will you miss most about Summer? Sleeping in!! My kiddos will sleep until 8:30 most days, so getting into our fall routine and waking up early is not something I'm looking forward to! hehe! We will also miss playing outside with The Farmer! The summer is a little more relaxed around the farm, and we love when "Daddy" is done with chores and comes up to play (sometimes play dead!) with us!! Sweet Summertime...


G is for...

Grapes, Green Grapes!! We made a bunch of grapes using a Gatorade bottle top! Merritt loved this and the fun finger painting that followed!

Obviously we will be eating lots of grapes today! We are watching Garfield Pet Force now and will be reading Jenny The Giraffe before nap! I'm sure a few gunfights will also take place this afternoon, but that's nothing new for our little cowboy crew! :)


F is for..

Fish and frosting!! Today we made these fun fish graham crackers! Soo cute and yummy too!!

We watched Fraggle Rock before nap (do yall remember that?? It's on Amazon Prime now and Merr loves it!!)

We were planning to watch Frozen tonight, but the new Home dvd just got delivered, so we are going to have a movie night and watch it tonight instead!

On Thursday (letter H day!) we are going to Strawbale Winery for our anniversary (yea!) so we wouldn't have been able to watch it on letter H night anyway!! :) Plus Merritt and I are dying to see it again!

We will have Froot Loops for a movie snack and read Fox in Sox before bed! Fun!