Adventures in ABC's!

I decided to teach a letter a day (until Merritt starts preschool) to try and help him learn the alphabet!! He knows how to sing it, but I want him to at least be kind of familiar with the letters! 

This morning we learned the letter A! It went great!! He loved it..hoping he stays excited!!

He is still obsessed with trains, so I made an alphabet train, we will add the letter of the day each morning!! I also found some wall decal letters that he gets to put up too!

He got to eat all the A cookies he found!! Ohh and it seems we are back to wearing no clothes again!!


My Momma got him this dry erase alphabet place-mat last summer, so we are tracing the letter of the day as we learn it!

I have been collecting ABC work books in preparation for this, so he gets to do the coordinating letter page each day!

Then he got to eat the gummy A after he found it in the pile!! 

When The Farmer came in for lunch, Merritt said "Daddy, I learned the letter A!!" So proud!! :)

Going to read an airplane book before nap time, have an apple for afternoon snack, then watch the Aristocats after supper!

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