This and That!

So today is my b-day, not doing anything special today...was supposed to go to book club but the boys have yucky colds and I'm pretty sure McCoy has an ear infection, so trying to get him in to see the doc! I can't complain much, thankfully they have been healthy all summer! 

I am gonna go out with the girls tonight, so that should be super fun! Two of my other besties have b-days today too, so we are gonna celebrate!! :)

Anyway, thought I would share some phone pics!!

Finally got the new sand put in the box! Merritt sand "it's like the beach!!"

First harvest from our tomato plants!! Soo exciting!! The green one is Merritt's, oops!!

He insisted on watching his morning cartoon like this! 

These little sillies just can't figure out how to smile at the same time!!

sums up their personalities perfectly!! haha!

This is what The Farmer got me for my b-day!! Now that my sewing area is organized and accessible, I needed some lighting!! It's soo fab!! My Momma and Daddy got me money for my new bedding!! Can't wait for it to arrive!! :)
The Farmer's Momma and Daddy got me these adorable pig plates!! Looks so good with the colors in my kitchen!! And some fun Fiestaware dish towels!! 

Thanks everybody!! :)

And just in case you were wondering, the letter B did not go as well this morning! After a few meltdowns we finally got through the workbooks and of course loved learning again when he got to eat the letter cookies! We are going to read Brown Bear, Brown Bear before nap, have bananas for afternoon snack, and watch The Bee Movie after supper!

Hoping for a better day with letter C!! :)

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