Basement Makeover!

I really hate to share these before pics with yall (can't believe how bad it was!), but it makes the after pics look soo much better!! :)

This is how the basement looked since we moved in, things were seriously out of hand...but I just tried to not go down there unless I needed to wash clothes or sew...out of sight, out of mind!!

yikes!! I mean I was one step away from "Hoarders"

just ignore the back right corner...that's The Farmer's side of the desk...he promises, he is going to get it cleaned up this week!! :)

we used lots of these storage shelves..this is my photography props and baby swing! 

More photog stuff/charis and old files....the white cabinet just has photos, and other memories I couldn't bare to throw away, along with some decor items i'm not using right now.

My old dining a perfect play table!

More play area and finally got the tv hung up too!

this is my crafting corner (still need to put the shop vac away!) 

guest room...sheets are in the washer! Getting it all ready for my sissy and nephew!!

more guest room

view from the back of the room

party stuff storage, this is as you walk into the laundry room...which is next on the list! It needs some work!! :)

These are my holiday bins! I keep them in the room just passed the laundry room. I love them!! So easy to just have everything I need for every occasion in one spot!

these shelves hold all the bigger stuff that wont fit in my bins!

And that's all folks!! Aren't yall proud?!?! Soo glad to have it done, the boys are gonna love it, and now I can do lots more sewing projects!! Can't wait! :)

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