Wedding Fun!

We all had so much fun at the wedding! The Farmer went to the ceremony, while Merritt and August Ann had a blast at the water park, as I was putting McCoy down for a nap. I finally got him sleeping, when they all came back up to the room. Of course, McCoy woke up and Merritt passed out!! Typical!! Ha!

the life!

swim coma!!

ready to head down to the reception!

love her!

boys, we really need to work on your smiles!!

he was so excited that there were m&m's on the table!

blue teeth to prove it!!

posing with his m&m buddy, Matty!!!

The wedding was one of The Farmer's livestock judging teammates from college, he was the last one of them to get married! Scott (the best man) had made a big hilarious belt buckle for him that said last man standing!  

All but one of the eight guys were able to make it, they are all so much fun and I love their wives! Tons of fun to get together with them! I guess we will have to start having reunions, since everybody is married now :)

McCoy loved Buck, he would have just sat there all night....

but then the music started and he just had to dance!!

I knew Merritt would have a ball dancing (and he did!) but I wasn't expecting McCoy to be the star of the show!! haha!!

at one point (didn't get any pics)  he was dancing with the bride and all the bridesmaids! That's my little ham!! :) 

my dancing babes!

We got home yesterday and took a big family nap!! hehe! Then we had a yummy supper and cheesecake to celebrate The Farmer's B-day!! 

McCoy's molars are pushing though, and if his attitude doesn't give it away, feeling them coming in sure will!! Bless his heart! Merritt never really had teething problems, but this has been brutal for McCoy! Anyway, we are chilling out today, trying to get things back to normal and doing anything to make McCoy a happy baby again!! :)


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