Train Birthday Party!

Tonight, we celebrated Merritt's 3rd birthday with The Farmer's family..not everybody could make it due to the gross weather we are having!! Blah!! Is it May yet!?!? Remind me of this when I am blogging about it being too hot!! Anywho! We had a super fun time aboard the Merritt Express! Thanks so much to everybody for everything!!  :)  


We did a taco train with walking tacos!! Soo yum!


playing cowboys with his cousins!!

stick em up!!

train cake!!

present time!

McCoy wanted to "help!"

uh oh, don't let Merritt see!!

more food!

Taco Johns inspired Potato Ole's!


blowing out candles!

Peace! Silly boys!

all the fun stuff he got! 

Date Night!!

Last night The Farmer and I went on a very fun date!! A few weeks ago he asked me if I had any plans for the 30th...I didn't, so he said he had a surprise!! Well, if you know me, you know I MUST know everything! So I eventually got it out of him that he had tickets for a Billy Dean concert! The Farmer and I really love classic country music, so I was soo excited to go!! We were by far the youngest ones there, but he was SOOO great!! Loved every second! 

We also went out to eat at the Bluestem in Luverne, MN before the concert! It was fabulous!! 

One of my 4-H girls has been wanting to babysit, so I left the boys with someone non-family for the first time! She was amazing! Merritt was calling for her this morning when he woke up, and looked for her all day! He had tons of fun! Guess we will have to plan another date so she can come back!! :)

delicious berry cheesecake!!

Palace Theater

trying to get a pic with the!!

cheesin!! :)

Billy Dean!!


Fort Fun!

Earlier this week I had to wash Merritt's chair, so we decided to make a fort with the foam pieces! Both the boys loved it!

He put his pants on by himself...he wasn't very concerned that they were backwards and inside out!

pardon the "exposure," just thought this pic was too cute not to share!

And a few cute videos!