Let's Get Organized!!

I have been working on cleaning and re-organizing the house since I got home from Mississippi! It's been a slow process, but I have made a little progress! The past few days have been dedicated to the playroom. I re-arranged and re-organized alot of stuff and it looks so nice, so I'm pretty much not letting anybody in there again..ever!! haha!! It kills me when Merritt destroys it in five seconds!! 

Anywho! I thought I would share my new makeup storage with yall!

I have been looking for these acrylic drawers, with not much luck, but I had read a ton of blogs saying they could be scored at Home Goods, so I made a beeline there as soon as I got to MS! I grabbed up their last two sets, and was supper excited to get my stuff organized!!

This is what used to hold all my make-up...in college and while living in Montana, I traveled a ALOT, like every weekend! So I just kept everything I needed in a bag at all times! I just recently realized that I was now an adult, who wasn't living out of a suitcase anymore, so it was time for some big girl make-up storage!!

The brand is Clearly Chic. I have read that you can find them at TJ Maxx, Marshall's, and Home Goods!

SOO pretty!

this fits right on top...not the same brand for some reason, but they were made to fit together!

It's soo nice, and now I know where everything is!! Love it!!

I will try to post pics of the playroom later...have a few more things to do! And just as I thought we were all going to be healthy again, Merritt goes down for the count! Bad cough and fever...he went to doc this morning and she was worried it could be on set of pneumonia since he had a nasty cold and got well, only to get sick again so quickly, so now he is on antibiotic too! Blah!! I think he will be fine, but better safe than sorry! McCoy is on his 5th day of antibiotic for a double ear infection...so it's just a big temperature taking, medicine giving, syringe washing party over here!! Thank goodness The Farmer and I are not sick anymore! Planning on living in a bubble until May...hope to see you then!! Tehehe ;)


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  1. I'm still in the phase of life where my makeup lives in bags. Someday, I hope, I can make this transition!