Day to Day!

Sorry no real post, just random pictures!! :)

I had some refrigerator pie crusts that were about to go out of date, so Merritt and I whipped up a Valentines cherry pie!!

Holding his bottle like a boss!! I got that pillow case at Ikea!! Doesn't it look like an ear of corn!?! I had two leather pillows that were starting to tear, saw these and thought they would be perfect replacements!! Love!!

Merritt teaching Coy how to play with his chicken barn!

"Hi Mommy!"

"I would rather just eat this ball...."

"Oh ok now I get it!!"

Merritt lent me his feet and hand for this cute Valentines art project!!

just found a piece of plywood in the garage, painted it red, slapped his prints on it, and propped it up on this window! Soo cute!!

Hope yall are all having a great week!! Merritt's b-day party for his Iowa fam is this Saturday, so I am busy planning for that!! Stay tuned!! :)


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