Stuff I love: Todays Edition!

A few things that I loved today...

I love that this babe crosses his chubby little feet while he eats...LOVE!

Love that I FINALLY got my chalkboard calendar hung up!!  Isn't it cute?!? Guess which month I had to erase...November! November of 2013!! Yikes! Hoping this calendar keeps us more organized! The Farmer is a deacon at our church, has multiple farm meetings each month, and was recently elected District 1 Director of the Iowa Cattlemen's Assoc, so I really needed a way to keep all of his meetings straight!! Not to mention Merritt's social calendar!! Now we just needs a few more Mommy days on there!! haha!!

Yall, I LOVE these!! I have no idea where you can get them (my Momma sends them to us) but they are sooo yummy!! I can't even explain it...but they for sure make it on my today's faves list!! :)


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