McCoy Everett - 8 months!!

This babe turned 8 months in the blink of an eye!!

He is officially a crawler and is now trying to pull up on everything! I guess I can kiss my snugly baby goodbye!!

His daily schedule has stayed the same with the exception of pick-up-foods! He is doing soo good feeding himself and he likes being independent and making big messes for Mommy!! For lunch, he eats some kind of cubed veggie or fruit along with a few meat sticks (they are gross, but both my boys have loved them), for supper, we are still just giving him baby food because we have a few tubs left to use up! 

He still only has two teeth on the bottom, but as much as he gnaws on everything, more must be on the way! 

He is still wearing 9 month, 6-12 month and 12-18 month clothes, depending on the brand and still wears size 3 diapers, but as soon as I finish this box he will be on to size 4!!

He lost three/four pounds when he was sick with a cold and ear infection, but now that he has his appetite back, I think he has put it all back on! My little chub muffin!

He loves to coo and "talk" and really is a sweet little guy!

We love watching him change everyday and enjoy every second of being his Mommy and Daddy!!


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