Date With My Cowboys!

Yesterday, The Farmer and I took Merritt on a date!! We left McCoy with Grandma, so it would be a special day just for Merritt! I'm sure McCoy had a better time hanging out with Grandma, instead of being drug around with us all day anyway!! :) We went to the Sioux Empire Farm Show, had lunch at Ruby Tuesdays, spent two hours in Home Depot picking out my new front door (more on that later!), then ended with CherryBerry!! What a fun day with two of my boys!! It was great to have one on one time with Merritt, he is such a funny little guy!!

ready for the show!

his new "buckaroo" hat...not my favorite style, I prefer a cattleman crown, but this was all they had for kids hats at Stetson, and he LOVED it, so I gave in!! :) And let's be honest...he looks adorable!

bad pic but he was having fun with "Top" the bull!!

Mommy pop at Ruby Tuesdays! This boy loves some Sprite!!

Driving Mommy nutty!! :)

Race car driver!! The Farmer claimed he couldn't push it because his legs kept hitting the back...likely story!! ha!

It was huge and obnoxious... but totally kept him entertained for two hours!! Win!


iccckkk...Merritt's choices grossed me out, but he ate every bite! :)

He waited all day for this! Every time we stopped somewhere, he screamed "ice cream!!!" Note to self: next time don't tell him we will get ice cream today, at the beginning of the date!!

He waited pretty patiently for it, and even fell asleep on the way from Home Depot to CherryBerry (The Farmer had to make a few stops in between), I had to work pretty hard to make him wake way I was letting this child sleep and not get ice cream! The meltdown when he would have woken up in our garage and realized he didn't get ice cream would have been EPIC!! :)


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