Merritt Wylie 2 1/2

How can it be that my sweet baby Merritt is 2 1/2, when it seems like just yesterday he was the size of McCoy!?!?! I miss my cuddly baby Merritt, but adore the rowdy toddler he has become...most of the time :)

He continues to be very independent! He loves his new playroom and most days you can find him there, playing with all his tractors or his train! He is obsessed with trains lately! He also still loves Lucky Luke and dressing up in his boots, hat, gun everyday! He gets so excited to play outside in his sandbox in the afternoon and could dump and fill up buckets with sand for hours!! He lives for "bota" rides and ice cream! His favorite foods include, bananas, cheese, bread, chicken nuggets, and any fruit! He is talking up a storm and gets pretty annoyed when you can't figure out what he is saying, most of the time I get it right :) He is having such fun living on the farm and likes to tell you what all the machines are and to boss Luke the Farm Dog around! He is sleeping great in his big boy bed, but potty training fell to the wayside! I'm hoping to pick it back up this summer! 

We just love our rambunctious little cowboy more and more each day! So glad he is ours :)


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