Life Lately!

We have finally stared to find our new normal!! This past week was my first week alone and it went surprisingly well! During the day McCoy eats 4oz every three hours, at night he goes to bed around 10:00, wakes up around 4:00 for a bottle then back to sleep until 7:00, mommy's little sleeper! :) Merritt loves him, unless he his sleepy/cranky/not in a good mood, then everything is "mine" or "Merritt's" or "No Coy!" He doesn't understand that "Coy" doesn't want any of his stuff, at least not yet!! 

My MOPS group decided to have a book club this summer, so we meet once a week and bring the kids and they play while we discuss the book. It's really fun to get together and nice for Merritt to have some kid interaction! We went last week, for my first outing with both boys went great!! Merritt has Story Time this week at the library, so we'll see how that goes! I can tell he misses his time with just Mommy, so anytime I have to run a quick errand (when the Farmer is home) I let Merritt come along and try to make it fun! And of course anytime McCoy is sleeping, we try to get some play time in!! I think he is adjusting pretty well for the most part!

Other than that, I am just trying to keep up with laundry, dishes, and bottles!! Thank goodness I made all those freezer meals! They sure are coming in handy!  :)

Best Little Bro!

with his Aunt JayJay

With his cousin Paugie!

3 weeks old!

just like Daddy!

sweet boys!



my loves!

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