Matchmaker, Matchmaker....

I admit it, I am kind of obsessed with matching the boys outfits! I can't help it, it's just too cute :) 

My two little Jackrabbits!

hugs! Merritt wanted McCoy to lay down with him...of course he was supposed to be helping me clean his room!!

My Sissy, knows about my love of matching, and got them these cute whale outfits!!

I'm beginning to think I will never get a good pic of these two!!

"it's a Whaaaaaleee!!"

I am in love with these outfits and just had to get a pic of them before we headed off to church this didn't turn out very well!!

not even the bribe of a sucker would work!!

letting him "feed" McCoy was the only way to get them to sit together!

I just love these two boys, smiles or not!! :)

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