McCoy Everett 1 month!

Yes, you read that month!! AHHHH!!! And I can't even remember half of it!!

He is such a little cuddle bug and prefers that I hold him all day!! Merritt, of course, does not prefer this!! Haha! He is really liking his swing this week, so that helps me have some hands free time! 

He has outgrown his newborn attire (tear, sniff!) and is now wearing his 0-3 months stuff along with size one diapers.

He starts his day around 7:00am, then has a 5 ounce bottle around every 4 hours, he goes down to bed around 10:00pm after a bottle, then back up around 4:00am to eat again, then right back to bed. We have gotten pretty used to this routine, but I am soo looking forward to him sleeping from 9:00 to 9:00, when Merritt started sleeping that long it was life changing!! HA! The mornings are pretty crazy, especially if we have to go somewhere, but I have just decided to embrace the crazy, because I know I will miss it one day!

He loves to be swaddled in his swaddle blankets (the ones that look like cheese cloth) I have two of them (My Momma got him an adorable one with farm animals and I had one with Merritt that has cows on it) and usually one is always in the wash..they are the best!

No toys yet, but he does love his cow Wubby (yes, another Wubby obsession!) He doesn't really take it at night yet, so at least I don't have to get up every 5 minutes to put it back in his mouth! Merritt still has to have his Wubbies at nap and bedtime, even though I cut the pacifier off 6 month ago...they are his comfort and I think it's so sweet :)

He naps pretty much anywhere, but at night he sleeps in his nursery in a Fisher Price Rock and Play bassinet that my sis-in-law let me's amazing and he LOVES it!! I also have a sound machine going with soothing beach sounds.

We love our little Merritt look-a-like so much and can't even remember what life was like without him :)

do I really even need to take monthly pics of him?? I can probably just use Merritt's! hehe!

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