Room Reveal - The First Edition!!

Let me preface this post by stating, the room is not finished!!!! But, I just couldn't wait to show you what we have done so far!! :)

I absolutely love the way the bedding turned out!!! Soo cute!! I am still waiting on another cowboy print blanket to come in and the Farmers Momma is working on the cowboy print curtains to go on the window above the crib and a cowboy print valance to go over the polka dot curtains. So once all that gets done, it will look more western :) Ohh and the cowboy print tubs to go under the changing table were shipped today, so hopefully they will be here soon too!! If you can't tell, the ones on the bottom shelf of the changing table are painted to look like a bandanna (I have some of these in the closet too!) it!!

I am still waiting on my yellow chair, which will go in the spot where those curtain rods are resting! It should be here tomorrow!!! I keep checking the tracking info to see if it has gotten any closer :) We found the letters for his name at Hobby Lobby!! I thought it would be easier than mod-podging cowboy scrapbook paper on wooden letters and I loved the rustic feel!! My Momma almost killed me after she had to hang them all up...they were kind of impossible to get straight and were all a little off in size..ooops!! Ohh well they turned out fabulous!!

I have some cowboy print tubs for the closet too, so those will go with the bandanna ones seen above. Just a few more other small things and the nursery will be complete!!! And I will give you a more detailed post with better (not so dark) pics!!

I had such a great time with my Momma, sister, and niece!! We shopped till we dropped...literally, 12 hours of shopping on Saturday almost killed me! :) Then we painted stuff and decorated all day Sunday, then Monday we got pedicures and went to Pumpkin Land and then had supper with the Farmer's fam that night. Very eventful weekend!!! Wish they could have stayed longer, but they'll be back in 4 SHORT months when Merritt arrives!!! :)



  1. Where is the toy box for all the toys we are going to get for him ?? I'm afraid we're not going to have room for the baby when we get done !!

  2. I am so incredibly impressed!! It looks amazing!!

  3. Very cute nursery. I love his name on the wall! Hobby Lobby is a great place to get decor items.

  4. Aw it turned out great! Nice job!