Is it Christmas yet????

I have been looking at all my posts from last Fall/Thanksgiving/Christmas and now I am more ready than ever for the holiday season to begin!!!

I love fall and halloween....all the yummy candy, fun costumes, parties, and pumpkin desserts!! And whats not to love about Thanksgiving?!?!? Mmmmmm turkey...and more pumpkin desserts!! Then comes my all-time fave, CHRISTMAS!!!! I have been debating whether or not to put up ALL my decorations (since Merritt will be arriving shortly after, and I wasn't sure if I would have the energy to take them down!) but I have finally decided to put everything up, just like normal! I love the tree and all the other fun decor way too much to just forgo it this year!! And I figure he will love to look at the lights on tree! Now my next decision is whether or not the elves are going to come this year...they are for sure coming for Merritt (even if he's not here yet!) but I'm not sure if they will come for the Farmer and I too.....hmmmm..stay tuned :)

I just get soo excited thinking about all things holiday!! I can't wait until next year when "peep" will be able to understand whats going on...well sort of anyway :)

Ok now that I've gotten all that off my chest...I just have to show you the latest baby finds!! I'm sure you've all heard of offer great deals on unique baby and kid clothes and toys. Anyway I have heard good and bad things about the site, but decided since most of the bad things were about long shipping times, to go ahead and give them a try! I have 3 months to wait after all :) I got my first purchases in the mail this week and so far I love Zulily!! I got the cutest Petit Ami tractor overalls and some Momo baby "shoes," they are supposed to be more like socks, supposedly that helps babies walk better..blah blah blah, I just bought them because they were adorable!! ha!!

I just love both purchases and have made several more since (stay tuned..I will be sharing as they arrive!!) I think the tractor overalls were like $11, regularly like 40 or 50 bucks and I think the little shoes were around $7, regularly $17....i can't remember all the prices exactly but I know they were a great deal! AND you only have to pay $6 shipping once a day, so I always browse and see if there are several things I just have to have, then buy one of them paying the shipping and get the rest shipped for free! Yea!! Now I'm not trying to get you to use Zulily, I may have a bad experience one day, but I just thought I would share the good experiences before that happened!! :)

Off to a 4-H Leadership Training! Look for more photoshoots coming this weekend!


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  1. Those outfits are so adorable. I love little boys in overalls, don't you? I bought a pair for Joe and I can't wait till we take a trip back to the States, where I can buy him some from our favorite teams :-)

    PS - You always take such amazing photos!