Lets be honest I have quite a few weaknesses...reality TV (Real housewives, Jerseylicious, Project Runway, Biggest Loser, Teen Mom..the list goes on!), shoes, gaudy jewelry, designer purses (I'm getting better at this one!), new photography stuff, all things pink, green, and polka dotted, and pretty much anything fried, but today I thought I would share a seasonal weakness of mine...Girl Scout Cookies!! But not just any Girl Scout Cookie..Thin Mints!! MMMMMmmmmm!!!
I thought that since I was finally settled down in a small town and getting active in the community, I would have tons of little girls hitting me up to order some of the deliciousness...and I would have gladly bought from each and every one...but sadly, not one girl tried to sell me a thing!!! I was soo disappointed! When I was home in March, I relayed my frustration to my Momma and somehow she managed to find me a box and shipped it my way!!

A box that I promptly devoured within a couple of hours...don't judge, I told you it was a weakness!!! :) Thanks Momma...my rolls thank you too :)



  1. I don't even like Thin Mints but that picture makes me want one.

  2. My husband loves Thin Mints but I love the Lemonades - preferably from the freezer! Gosh, I want one right now!