Peter Cottontail's little friend...

my Momma! She sent us an Easter package that arrived today with much needed stress relieving chocolate!!! woohoo!! Thanks Momma, you are the bestest!! I am also happy to report the Magazine is FINISHED!! I even got to go to the Farm today for Lunch to see my nephews (and everybody else too..hehe) AND try a new bar that the Farmer's Momma (or sister?) made! It's called the Butter finger Bar...amazing!! Lots of chocolate! Maybe I will have to make it next :)

all the goodies...

The Easter bunny and Momma think alot alike!! Tomatoes will no doubt be the feature in every recipe this summer!! :)

Love this shirt she got for the Farmer! Perfect for Easter Sunday!

Aren't these the cutest!?! There are little bunnies and ducks mixed in!! The Farmer will be soo excited for more Jelly Beans! They are his absolute fave! He prefers the "old school" white center ones (which I loathe, especially the black ones, double ewww!) so I am trying to convert him over to team Jelly Belly!!

We have a pot luck tonight at Church for Easter...I am just bringing a green bean casserole, pretty boring, but it's quick and I have all the necessary ingredients in the cabinet! Bonus!

I am taking the day off tomorrow to meet my friend Tracey in Sioux Falls for some shopping and Olive Garden!!! Is there anything better than their never ending salad and bread sticks? I really think not! :)

Hopefully Saturday we can dye Easter Eggs and I can do some Easter baking! I have soo many cute Easter themed sprinkles, cupcake liners, and cookie cutters...I just have to bake something!!! Stay tuned :)

Then Sunday is Easter!! I am gonna wear a dress to church with no tights/leggings...I dont care if it is 30 degrees out!! It is Spring and I'm going bare legged, even if it kills me!! Then we will have lunch with the Farmer's Family, but not before I go home to put some warm jeans on, because I know I will be freezing!! hahahaha!

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter Weekend!!!


  1. Cant wait to see how your tomatoes turn out, or up, or down, or whichevewr way they grow. Having a hard time deciding what to wear Sunday, supposed to be in the 80's. Love that springtime !!!

  2. What a great Easter gift...look at all those goodies..Enjoy!

  3. 想像是什麼並不重要,想像能做什麼才重要........................................