The eggs..

On Saturday night we (I) decided it was time to dye eggs!!

Pretty colors..

The Farmer...he wasn't up for face pics, as he told me he just wasn't feeling pretty! Not even kidding!

The Farmer and the Egg!

So this is what he wrote ..."Future Deviled Egg" seriously!!

The pink one says "Easter Egg," That's my Farmer, soo creative!!

All our pretty eggs! We only had 2 off the egg picker upper things, so the dye kinda got all mixed up..hence the stripes and blotches on some. I ended up making egg/chicken salad with them and it is Goooood!!! :)



  1. LOL! Gotta love that Farmer of yours...he cracks me up!!

  2. you could pass me along some of those cupcakes on your new pass along plate !!!!!!!!!