Magnolia Madness

No, I'm not talking about my sweet corgi puppy! I'm referring to the actual flower! I am using Magnolias in a few places at my ceremony (on the pews and on the alter) as a nod to my Southern heritage. When I went on my hair trail run I had no idea if I wanted to wear a tiara or flower, after all was said and done I really had fallen in love with the flower idea. However, I was not in love with the flower I had gotten to use. It actually came off my dress, but it just didn't look the best in my hair. I searched and searched and finally decided to order this is creamy white Miriam magnolia flower hair clip with swarovski crystal fireworks spray in the center and a feather trail made of two different types of feathers (wispy and poofy) from Butterfly Enchantress's Etsy Shop. I thought having the Magnolia in my hair as well, would be a special touch! Since I didn't have it at my wedding hair run through, I decided to do a little photo-shopping to try and get the full effect!

Yes, I realize this is quite possibly the worst photoshop job ever, but you get the idea! Right?!?!
Isn't is fab!!
I can't wait!!! 19 more days to go!! Wow time is really flying now!! Click here to see how the programs are coming along! I just got all of them on to rounding corners and glueing circles!!


  1. haha... your editing is too cute! it's gonna look gorgeous!

  2. Cute blog! Love the use of Photoshop, I think it looks great.