Fireworks, Food, and Fun!!

As previously mentioned, we went to Yankton, SD for the 4th of July with the Farmers Momma's side of the family! By the way the Farmer informed me that its not actually a lake, more of a reservoir of the Missouri River, but by any means we stayed in cabins on a "body of water!" We got there late Friday night because we had to go to a friends wedding in Nebraska first. It was really pretty but I didn't get any good pics :(

Once we arrived in Yankton we immediately chowed down on Walking Tacos! Good thing we called ahead and put in an order with the Farmer's Momma! I had been waiting all year for these (they were featured on "the menu" last year, and I had never had them) Its basically a bag of Doritos crunched up with taco meat, cheese, and lettuce thrown in, along with whatever else suits your fancy ...i think I just like the whole eating out of a bag idea :) We hit the hay after eating and getting a sneak peak at baby Colton (Groomsman Dan and Tessa's new baby boy) soo precious!!

On Saturday, I spent the morning watching The Revolution on the History Channel...yeah I'm a history nerd and I'm ok with it!! Then, since it was cloudy/rainy, we hit the mall, which actually just meant JC Penny because everything else was closed! However, it was a very successful trip! The Farmer got 2 pairs of shorts and 2 polo shirts for the you can imagine he does not own many outfits appropriate for the beach!! I tried, with no avail, to get him to try on the super cute preppy plaid shorts (even is Uncle and Cousin were on hand to help persuade)...we failed miserably! I guess I should just be happy he is even willing to wear shorts and flip Daddy wore boots to the beach for the longest time!! :)

We spent the rest of the afternoon lounging, reading, and watching more History Channel! The rainy mess finally let up late afternoon and we grilled Pork Loin, when I say "we" I mean The Farmer and Groomsman Dan...but they did let me be the "intern" which sadly I found out just meant I had to get them water from the cabin :( Nevertheless, the meal was super yummy!! And to top it off we had smores!! These are one of my faves, especially when I have the Farmer to warm up the marshmallow for me!! I always burn mine! We finally ended the evening with an amazing fireworks display on the dam. Soo fun!!

Now the real countdown begins!! I have 15 days of work left (3 weeks) then my Momma arrives, then I move to the Farmer's, then only a week until the BIG DAY!!! I now have to kick it into high gear and finish the programs and slide show...ohh and Thank You notes!! A bride's work is never done :) Hope every body had a Happy Independence Day!!

My Farmer, the marshmallow pro!!

Groomsman Dan and The Farmer grilling!

umm yeah...not soo great pics from the fireworks!

we give the fireworks two thumbs up!

Soo maybe the Farmer really does hate taking pictures?? Nah..I'm sure he just didn't want to be torn away from the fireworks show for one second!! :)

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