Destined for Each Other....

Yep, that's right! The Farmer and I were destined to be together. I knew the moment I met him I was going to marry him...ok I'm totally lying now, but I did think he was a great guy! We had soo much in common, I couldn't believe we hadn't already met! Even as children we enjoyed all the same pastimes....

Riding ponies:

Washing Dishes:

Wearing gift bows:

Playing Football/Cheerleading:

Tractor Rides:

Sitting on Wicker Chairs:

Wearing High Heels:

ummm...I don't seem to have a picture of me wearing high heels but it looks as if the Farmer loved it...(please note his very manly "Proud to be a Farmer" T-shirt) hehe!! If I don't post again within the next 5 days, somebody come looking for me!! After he sees this, he may lock me up and throw away the key :)


  1. CUTE!
    Love the last are daring. Hope you blog soon :)

  2. Freaking cute! The similar pictures you guys have are priceless!

  3. Craig! On a horse! In heels!! This is GREAT!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA LOLOLOLOL off my chair!! Adam