This and That!

At our church, the kids start Wednesday night program in the first grade, so they invited the Kindergartners and their parents to come and check it out! He had the best time! 

Can't wait for next year!

We are planning a Yellowstone vaycay this summer, so I signed up to get brochures, 
the boys love it!!

Sweet little woody!

They love their new jean jackets!

St. Patricks Day Happy!

They both got a little Ninja Turtle blind bag, a NT wash cloth, a NT pen, a NT colorform, 
NT scratch off, gold coins, bath shaving cream, and Lucky Charms!

This was the Legoland haul! Merritt's stuff is on the left - McCoy's on the right! 

Silly putty mustache!

Our travel magnet collection is growing!!

Blue Jean Babies!

I wanted something cute to keep my peanuts and peppermints in, 
when I saw these gorgeous Pioneer Woman mason jars, I just had to have them! So pretty!

Our new National Park Passports! Hoping to get our first stamps this weekend (it's for all National Parks, National Monuments, National Trail Systems, and National Historic Sites!) I will post more about these soon! 

Merritt's homework!

The Farmer and I surprised Merritt for lunch this week! 

He was so excited!

I am loving having fresh flowers in the house! 
I grabbed these from Walmart a week ago! So lovely!

Merritt started swimming lessons this week!

My MOPS secret sister is so amazing!!

These are his new favorite books for me to read him!! hehe!!

I got both boys one of these "softy" shirts for the summer and they fell in love with them, 
so I ordered them some more! Not matching, can you believe?!?! hehe!! 

Short hair, Don't care!!


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